Teeth Whitening


Everyone Wants a Brighter, Whiter Smile. Tooth Whitening Services at Able Dental Can Help You Get the Smile You Have Always Wanted

Is teeth whitening right for you?

1. Is teeth whitening right for all teeth?
The dentists at Able Dental will evaluate your teeth before deciding on tooth whitening services. Yellowish, hued teeth respond well to bleach, but brownish-colored and grayish-hued teeth do not. Tooth whitening does not whiten caps, veneers or bonded teeth.

2. Is teeth whitening safe?
Yes. The teeth whitening services we provide will not soften enamel or existing fillings. The primary ingredient in the teeth whitening formula we use is hydrogen peroxide, which has been used safely for teeth whitening procedures for over 100 years.

3. Can teeth whitening be done in our office?

If you prefer, bleaching can be done in one 30 or two 30 minute sessions. We apply a protective gel or rubber shield for your gums, apply the whitening agent and use an activator light to enhance the action of the agent. One session is generally enough to significantly whiten your teeth; some patients may require an additional session.

4. What if I want to whiten my teeth at home?
Take-home teeth whitening kits are available. To be done anywhere and anytime. Able Dental has many options for at-home whitening.  Call us today to discuss your options.

5. How much whiter will my teeth look?
Most people see a significant change in the whiteness of their smiles; but results will vary by individual.

6. Is bleaching painful in any way?
The majority of patients experience no pain or sensitivity during the process or after.

7. How do I keep my teeth white after the bleaching?
To maintain your new bright smile, brush your teeth twice daily or after each meal and floss once a day, visit Able Dental regularly for cleanings and check-ups and do a touch-up bleach at home. With regular professional care and use of after-care products, you can maintain your new whiteness for many years.

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